Connecticut Legislative Hearing Testimony


Testimony from Nancy Alderman, MES, President, Environment and Human Health, Inc. "Senator Bob Duff, Representative Lonnie Reed and Members of the Energy and Technology Committee: Environment and Human Health, Inc. is in strong support of Bill 6533 that would ban fracking waste from coming into Connecticut.

"There are presently 8,848 either active wells or well permits for drilling for natural gas in Pennsylvania – and of that number 6,391 are drilled and active.
A typical natural gas well takes between 2 to 5 million gallons of fluid to frack. Of that 10 to 50 percent of the toxic fluid returns to the surface. The returning fluid not only contains the toxic chemicals that were in the fracking fluid — but when it returns to the surface it contains radioactive materials and salts that it picked up from deep inside the earth. The waste fluid sometimes also contains arsenic from deep inside the earth.

"This new drilling technique in shale formations has allowed the gas industry to reach large reserves that were previously considered uneconomical. Unlike traditional vertical fracking, horizontal fracking requires massive amounts of water, sand, and potentially toxic chemicals to unearth the natural gas that lies underneath the shale. Enormous holding ponds or tanks are also needed to store the chemically contaminated waste water that comes back up the hole after wells have been fractured.

"Bill McKibben, the noted author and environmentalist writes, "Fracking has caused enormous problems with underground water contamination and aboveground waste disposal - entire streams have been destroyed.

"According to a minority staff report released last year by the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Energy and Commerce, more than 650 commonly used fracking products contain chemicals that are "known or possible human carcinogens, regulated under the Safe Drinking Water Act, or listed as hazardous air pollutants." When the fracking fluids come up from the fracking proceedures they not only contain toxic chemicals, they also often contain radio active compounds from deep inside the earthTestimony from Nancy Alderman, MES, President, Environment and Human Health, Inc.

At present, federal laws do not protect the health of either the environment or people. Connecticut must protect itself from the importation of toxic fracking wastes..." Click here to download the full testimony in pdf form.

Testimony from David Brown, Sc.D, Public Health Toxicologist
"Senator Bob Duff, Representative Lonnie Reed and Members of the Energy and
Technology Committee:

"I am a public Health Toxicologist with a career long interest exposures to environmental chemicals and the effects on children’s health. I live in Westport.

"It is necessary to be vigilant when foreign chemicals are released in forms which could expose children through drinking water and air.

"Since 2012 The Southwest Pennsylvania Environmental Health Project has been working to assist people experiencing the health effects from gas extraction in Washington County Pennsylvania. Our staff meets with patients who believe their health has been, impacted by natural gas drilling. People with an array of adverse health signs and symptoms are seen.

"There are plausible water and air human exposure pathways to the gas drilling waste. Waste materials stored in ponds near homes, disposed of on farms and used to pave roads get into the air of houses and drinking water. People are sick. Pets and farm animals die. A study in 2012 of over 1300 births found 25% lower birth weights with decreased APGR scores when mothers lived near active drill sites.

"The air, water and soil are polluted with chemicals used for fracking shale that have been carried to the surface from several hundred feet under residents' property. In fracking, toxic chemicals are mixed with tens of thousands of gallons of water and injected into the ground under high pressures. Many of the chemicals are “trade Secrets." The toxicity and, in some cases, the actual identity of the chemicals are unknown..." 

Click here to download the full testimony in pdf form.


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